December 10, 2006


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Chocolate Battle Royale on Broadway, Midtown Links & the End of the week wrap up…

December 8, 2006

This morning, the Hershey Store on the NW corner of 48th St. and Broadway got a little competition in the form of a gigantic two story M&M store right across the street!!! (The NE Corner of 48th & Broadway).  My question is, how will Times Square support TWO generic American brand chocolate stores, right across the street from other???  And how far are these stores willing to go for the money of slack jawed tourists amazed that there’s a place where you can a get an oversized Kit Kat sweater?  The answer to that question came on my walk home from work tonight, when I saw this in front of the M&M Store:

I know this isn’t about lunch, but this shit was too funny to ignore… That’s right.  A gigantic M&M with arms and legs beckoning tourists into the store with his general adorableness.  The M&M alone wasn’t so funny… but the Hershey Store’s response across the street was pretty sweet!  Check out the picture, after the jump:

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My Favorite Comments, Midtown Links and the end of the week wrap up…

December 1, 2006

Wednesday is the 6 month anniversary of Midtown Lunch.  That’s right… it all started on June 8th with a posting about Hing Won (naturally)- and for the past six months I have been stuffing my face at new places every single week, all for the benefit of you people.  And don’t think it’s easy.  I’m actually considering exercising for the first time in my life… and I owe it all to this blog.  (But let’s not get crazy just yet… I’m only “considering” it) Hundreds of you read the site every day, and I have to say my favorite part about doing Midtown Lunch is your comments.  Without them (and the email recommendations) it would be hard for me to find all these places to eat on my own (I do actually have a job in Midtown- and only an hour for lunch, just like the rest of you).  So, in honor of our 6 month anniversary, I’d like to share some of my favorite comments with you.  Some insightful (with great recs), some wacky, and some downright mind boggling: My first comment ever… I still remember it.  Greg from Houston wrote:

“Good writing. Like — “You talkin’ to me!””

Um… “good writing” is a stretch (I’m just a fat guy who likes to eat)- but picturing myself as Robert DeNiro in front of a mirror is downright laughable (I’m not tough, or crazy, or a cab driver… maybe a little crazy.)  I don’t remember this comment from “inane” but I actually went to this place on Tuesday and it is really good (I’ll be writing about it next week):

“I’m a fan of the Falafel at Kosher Delight on 46th btw 5th/6th. They have a very nice pickles / coleslaw salad bar to go with it. The schwarma kicks butt too, for a buck they’ll throw falafel balls on that too.”

One of my favorite blogs to read is NYCNosh.  I was so bummed when I got this comment from “Nosher” after a week of posting about Chipotle:

“You just lost another fan of the blog. The free burrito news was great the first time, but four days in a row is overkill. Good luck.”

Thankfully Nosher forgave me, and I’m pretty sure reads the blog again.  The other day I got this one from “coolice” in reference to my post about Good Burger:

“I wonder if they have fried squid burger? That would be so delicious!!!!”

I don’t even know what that means… but if they did have it I would probably order it.  Another one of my favorites was this one from “Cynthia” in response to my post about Yips, a Chinese place on 52nd:

“If you want good chinese food, hit to Chinatown instead.  They have real authentic food in chinatown which they do not substitute MSG in it.  Seafood is a great way to go as well.”

To paraphrase the readers’ comments that followed – “Thank you Captain Obvious!”.  Every tuesday I post a profile of a Midtown Lunch’er… I knew it was only a matter of time before we started getting comments like this one from James (after the jump):

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The Lunch Before Thanksgiving Post, Midtown Links & the end of the short week wrap up…

November 22, 2006

Make no mistake about it, meals on the day before Thanksgiving are very important.  There’s alot of eating to be done tomorrow- but don’t make the enormous error of starving yourself the day before in anticipation of Turkey, stuffing and all the fixins.  Starving yourself will result in a shrunken stomach, that won’t be able to take the onslaught that is surely to happen tomorrow afternoon.  The best thing you can do is stuff yourself today… stretch that stomach out as far as it will go, and tomorrow you will wake up ready to win the game!

I had a few ideas for lunch today.  The first one is obvious.  If you are geting a half day, wait until you get off and go somewhere else for a *good* lunch.  Midtown sucks.  Failing that, I think an all you can eat buffet is the perfect pre-thanksgiving day lunch.  Stuff your face, stretch that stomach out and prepare your body for the big feast tomorrow.  Here’s some of the cheap buffets in Midtown that you can “train” at:

  • Rangole, 46th btw. 5+6th, Cheap Indian
  • Arang, 32nd btw. 5+B’way, Korean & Sushi
  • Todai, 32nd btw. Mad+5th, Japanese
  • Al Baraka, 55th btw. 3+Lex, Turkish

If you need motivation, picture how disappointed your Mom will be tomorrow when you don’t have room for seconds.  Prepare yourself properly.  Godspeed.

For Midtown Links you definitely want to know about, plus a sneak peak at next week’s lunch spots- after the jump.

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Fatty Egg Roll, Midtown Links & the End of the Week Wrap Up

November 17, 2006

As much as I’m embarrassed to admit it, I used to be a Grateful Dead fan in High School.  This may not be that funny to you (since you only know me as a fat guy who likes to stuff his face at lunch time), but most people who know me would be pretty surprised to hear that.  What nobody would be surprised to hear is my favorite part of going to a Dead show was these gigantor fatty egg rolls that would be sold outside beforehand.  They were huge, and stuffed fat, usually with shredded carrots and cabbage and they would give you a little packet of duck sauce so you could walk around squirting little bits into the egg roll before you took a bite.  For $3 it was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten, and I’ve never seen them anywhere since.  Man I miss those things.  (Where have you gone strange Grateful Dead following hippie giant egg roll makers????)

Anyway, you can imagine my excitement when I walked by Aron’s Kosher Restaurant on 48th btw. 5+6th the other day and saw this outside their door:

Sure, they weren’t gigantic, and the guy selling them was some Jewish kid who was probably not a hippie.  But they had the little packets of duck sauce, and for only $1- I had to get one.

The inside of the egg roll, links to Midtown stuff you definitely want to know about and the a preview of next week’s reviews- after the jump…

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Job Opening at Award Winning Sausage Cart, Midtown Links and the end of the week wrap up

November 10, 2006

Every dreamed of ditching your crappy Midtown desk job, and slinging sausages on a New York City street corner?  (I have very strange dreams…)  Well now is your big chance… there is a prime Midtown Cart opening at the award winning Hallo Berlin Sausage Cart.

Getting hired to work at the Hallo Berlin Cart would be like getting a golden ticket into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.  All those hidden compartments filled with various German treasures.  How does it all work?  I need to know!!! 

I’m not sure what kind of qualifications you need, the pay, or what kind of benefit package is included with the job- but if we’re talking free Weisswurst, I might need to consider a career change.  Interested?  Call Rolf at 212-947-9008.

After the jump… midtown links about things you definitely want to know about.  PLUS a sneak peak into where I’ll be stuffing my face next week.

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Kyotofu & Gyu-Kaku Menus, Midtown Links plus the end of the week wrap up…

November 3, 2006

I know it’s not really Midtown Lunch, but I promised news about Kyotofu when it opened, so here it is… the Kyotofu website says the Grand Opening is on November 6th- but the Hell’s Kitchen Japanese Dessert place has been open every night this week starting at 6:30 PM.  Everything I read made it sound like a bakery AND dessert bar (like a Japanese Amy’s Bread)… but at first glance it appears to be a pretty upscale dessert bar- with no sign of a “bakery” or anything you could take to go.  Here’s the menu for those interested in a little after work Sake & Dessert (click here for a larger image):

There’s also a little controversy as to whether this place even exists in Japan.  There is no sign of a Japanese website, and some questions were raised by the comments on my last post.  Very interesting…. hopefully the “grand opening” on November 6th will include some cheaper things you can actually take to go.

Directly across town, the Midtown branch of Korean Japanese BBQ chain Gyu-Kaku has opened for lunch on 50th and 3rd Ave.  It’s a little pricey to be one of my Midtown Lunches, but if you are looking for one of those grille your own meat places and don’t want to venture below the 40s you can check this one out.  Here’s a link to their lunch menu.  (As much as I liked Gyu-Kaku the one time I went to it in L.A., I think I’ll probably just stick with the Korean BBQ places in Koreatown.)

More Midtown Lunch news, and Midtown Links you definitely want to know about (including one about Chef Ming Tsai being at Rock Center today) all after the jump…

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