December 10, 2006


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Kwik Meal

June 21, 2006


Finally, after two days of mediocrity- I finally hit the goldmine.  A fresh, hot falafel- that isn’t dry in the middle, or messy.  Happy times.

Definitely the tastiest falafel so far this week.  The pita is that pillowy soft kind of pita, so they have to roll it up with the falafel inside, rather then cut a hole in it and stuff the falafel inside.  They also brush it with butter and stick it on the skillet- so it’s hot and delicious.  The falafel is made fresh right in the cart, so it’s still hot when you eat it and the balls are small so it’s not dry.  They are served on top of a little bit of lettuce and tomato, and some yogurt sauce, which is a really refreshing change from some of the tahini heavy falafel in Midtown.  The only downside is the size… definetely the smallest, but at only $3.75 you can afford to get two (if you’re super hungry), or a bag of chips!

All in all, the butter grilled pita, and the lack of veggies make this the least healthy of the falafel I’ve had this week… but sometimes, least healthy translates to tastiest.


  • Fresh falafel that are not dry in the middle
  • Pillowy pita bread, that is brushed with butter and grilled
  • If you like yogurt sauce instead of tahini, this is the place for you


  • The size
  • If you’re into veggies, this place isn’t for you.  There’s only a little lettuce and tomato on the falafel
  • If you’re not into carts… it’s a cart

Kwik Meal, Cart on the SW Corner of 45th and 6th