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9 Responses to Goodburger

  1. adam says:

    it’s worth noting that the combo meal saves you exactly nothing – it is just the cost of the components – as i discovered when i ordered it, but got cheese on my burger and iced tea for my drink and paid much more for it.

  2. I told you I wasn’t any good at math.

  3. LHT says:

    I went with your recommendation and wow am I now enjoying a really great burger! If I keep reading your posts I’m going to end up chubbier than I already am, but my wallet will be lighter! Thx!

  4. Yvo says:

    Mm, that sounds good… I’m not a burger person but there’s so much press about burgers lately it’s hard not to crave one.

  5. I’m a huge fan of Good Burger–my coworkers and I eat at its first location every Friday. While its burger is more expensive than Shake Shack’s, (and it’s not as succulent as SS), it’s still one of the best burgers in Midtown. And its fries are miles beyond Shake Shack’s fries. You can order online and then go pick up your order if you want to avoid waiting. They also deliver and are pretty speedy–the fries will still be crisp and warm when your meal arrives.

  6. The Nerd says:

    Dammit that looks like one hell of a good burger (no pun intended). $10 is about £5, which is what I’d expect to pay for a decent burger in a pub. Althought I’m pretty sure Macdonalds charge about $10 for a Big Mac meal or whatever they call it in the UK.

    Great review anyway.

  7. coolice says:

    I wonder if they have fried squid burger? That would be so delicious!!!!

  8. akin says:

    i noticed that when i paid by card the amount taken from my bank was slightly higher than that which i signed for. the place is always so busy when you go in that i have had a chance to tell management that there payments are a tad dodgy. i only notice because i tend to order the same thing and the amount stuck out when looking at my bank statement, i try to pay in cash now to avoid any more unscrupulous dealings…

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