KFC (or… The Best Excuse Ever for Eating Fried Chicken)

Midtown Lunch has a new home located at


If you are interested in reading about KFC, you can go directly to this page:


11 Responses to KFC (or… The Best Excuse Ever for Eating Fried Chicken)

  1. Lard, people, lard! No transfats and it makes everything fried in it taste succulent.

  2. Yvo says:

    Ooh, listen to Lisa, she knows what she’s talking about. I don’t know why people get so upset about lard, look at Mario Batali (HAHAHAHA)…

    But damn, you just made me want fried chicken. There’s a KFC that’s so walkable (and has not been open the 2 times I’ve attempted to go, once on a Sunday and once on a Saturday), and a Popeye’s that’s slightly further. Oh damn…

  3. S. says:

    fried chicken is the world’s most photogenic food.

  4. bananasfk says:

    spammers eat at kfc (they use them for domain name registrations) we call them chicken boners.

  5. yvo says:

    I actually went to KFC to try out the trans-fat-less-ness of it but it was CLOSED again. Whoever heard of a KFC closing at 5 pm!? Bah, wound up at Popeye’s because the fried chicken craving was burning into my stomach. Pictures up shortly.

  6. Aurie says:

    The only time I ever eat KFC is when I go to Jamaica. It actually tastes extremely different in a good way. The barbecue is something special there. I almost got a heart attack after reading this post. Wow!! I can’t imagine how clogged the arteries will be after eating enough KFC. That would make me scared. Salad anyone?

  7. sarahtowny says:

    Your lucky then because KFC in England is likely to taste like cardboard.

  8. licklick says:

    Gimmeh! Gimmeh!

    P.S. Everyone, go watch South Park!

  9. Paul says:

    Jesus – noestly have never read a more upsetting article.Celebration of KFC is fu**ing wird.I aint no liberal but bigging up KFC and the health horrors it holds is bizarre…Whats wrong with local produce from one of your many markets? NYC rocks…

  10. Ryan says:

    You know biscuits are supposed to have shortening (read: trans fats) in them, right? You can make them with butter (not enough lift), or lard (right texture, wrong flavor), but shortening is biscuit magic!

    And I like the balanced “mainstream” reviews once in awhile. Keep it up!

  11. Chris says:

    The best KFC is the BBQ chicken in Jamaica. The worst KFC I’ve tasted was in Los Angeles. The fried chicken tasted awful but the pieces were huge. What a horrible thing to do to a tourist, tease one with food that taste bad when one is absolutely starving.

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