Todai (aka the buffet formerly known as Minado)

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If you are interested in reading about Todai, you can go directly to this page:


17 Responses to Todai (aka the buffet formerly known as Minado)

  1. Thanks for braving this! What a nightmare. Plus buffet sushi sounds like a gastrointestinal disaster waiting to happen.

  2. Karen (another Texan) says:

    Zach, the photo of your second plate had me laughing aloud. Thanks for brightening an otherwise trying Monday morning.

    My first Todai experience was in the bay area.

  3. snoh says:

    I have been to Minado in Little Ferry and when it was Minado in NYC. When they first opened up, their selections and service was good and I am afraid now they have all gone downhill. Todai I have been to twice already (alson to one in White Plains) and it always left me less than satisfieid. Although they are Japanese restaurants, you do realize that the owners in all instances are Korean Americans?

    The best super-sushi buffet I have been to is the Todai in Honolulu bar none.

  4. Yvo says:

    Mm, that sounds like a nightmare. Minado was set up like that wasn’t it? I’ve been to Minado in Glen Cove, and liked it a lot though it was a bit too much cold stuff for me (they had snow or king crab legs- this was years ago, and no butter! How do you not have butter?!), so when they opened one in Manhattan I was so excited. But then I went and it was so expensive and not that good… and everyone said the Minado in NJ was so much better. This Todai sounds much better than Minado, but busy. Maybe I’ll haul up there one day for dinner.

    PS Someone just told me there’s two Sophie’s in the Financial District, so I’m excited! Will have to try them!

  5. Nosher says:

    So how was the hygiene when you visited? Have they improved things since the day we went and caught them power-washing the walls next to the sushi with a garden hose?


  6. Mr. Viddy says:

    I had the bad luck of reading this post while eating. Todai in Portland was, rather is, the most disgusting eatery I have ever come across. It has been cited many times by the health department and overall it is a nasty place.

  7. brianfox says:

    I have been to minado…and they have a lot to choose from…. but I usually end eating only a few select items. I hope Todai is as good… ned to check it out

  8. Cobbler says:

    I went to Todai a few nights ago. Wasn’t very crowded, but considering the borderline inedible buffet 9 is $25 for dinner, I’m not surprised. Also, we all left smelling liking the grill. Really gross.

  9. Deb says:

    Cobbler – have you ever been to Korean bbque??

  10. Cyndi says:

    That second plate is the saddest sight I’ve ever laid eyes on. One slice of fried tofu and some cucumber with shrimp? You call that a second plate? I say, BLASPHEMY!

  11. jan says:

    I’m looking for an Indian Buffet Restaurant that we discovered on a visit to NYC about 7 years ago. Ok, I have a poor sense of direction. It was near the Theatre district probably on 7th or 8th, maybe between 40 -50th? You walk in and go DOWN stairs and it was bright, open, clean and there was a big screen tv playing loops of Bollywood movies. The homemade kher was fab. Do you know the name, if it still exists, and where exactly I’ll find it? Thanks!

  12. Barry says:

    Minado employs the same setup, so the problem is solved by getting there early, or not coming, at all. As for the quality of the food, I certainly didn’t find it inedible, as another respondent did. It was fresh the time we went from the sushi side of things, and pretty good on the steamed side, too. Ideally, four or five separate lines would be formed for all the food, or even a group of kiosks with food around each–but for some reason, most buffets or even super buffets that we’ve been to prefer the single long line experience. Go figure.

  13. Amber says:


    You do realize that Koreans make Sushi that far surpasses any Japanese chain, right? If not, I suggest you get out a bit more.

  14. Serge says:

    Show me where Korean sushi is any better than Japanese. I am inviting you for dinner. My Skype ID is wolf.hunter

  15. jimbo says:

    you are all fools the food was great the service fanfab how dare you i filled my pie hole till the hole closed somuch raw fish went down my trap i felt like a jap fishing boat about to sink because of to much catch ha ha ah fish fish raw and sweet i will eat you up my smelly treat plus the chicks are hot sucking down every thing they can get there fangs around what a fab feeding freakout i love this place

  16. Davis says:

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  17. John says:

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