Midtown Cart News…. Pizza, BBQ & Sausage Edition

This Sunday is the Vendy Awards, and in light of that fact, here’s some news about Midtown Carts that you might be interested in:

1.  The guy in the Jiannetto’s Pizza Truckon 47th btw. Park & Madison told me on Tuesday that the truck that used to be on Park and  51st will be returning in the next week and a half.  Look for it next Friday or Monday to be back… no word on the whether the truck that crashed was fixed, or they bought a new one.

2.  For those of you looking for your BBQ fix at one of the three Midtown Daisy May’s BBQ carts, you may have been very disappointed this week.  Two of the three Midtown carts have been packed up and stored away for the winter (the one on Park & 47th and the one on 55th btw. 6+7th).  The one on 49th btw. 6+7th will remain open… (thankfully it’s the one outside my building!).  Look for more carts to pop up in the spring.  (For those of you Downtown, the Wall St. cart is still open as well.)

Finally, we saved the most shocking news for after the jump… best not to scare the young children.  It’s terrible, and it involves last year’s Vendy Award winner for best cart…

3.  I was tipped off last night to some distressing news… The Hallo Berlin Sausage Cart, has raised it’s prices!  No word on the price increases for all the items, but we did hear that the Dictator Special (previously $8) is now $9. 

Got any interesting Midtown Lunch news?  Share it at midtownlunch@hotmail.com


3 Responses to Midtown Cart News…. Pizza, BBQ & Sausage Edition

  1. yvo says:

    There’s a Daisy May’s card down here????

  2. […] Then there are the changes you may not notice at first.  We reported a few weeks back about the price hike @ the Hallo Berlin Cart (thanks to a reader email), and the fact that Daisy May’s BBQ was scaling back to one Midtown cart for the winter.  What we didn’t notice is- Daisy’s May’s raised their prices too!  Now the already a tad bit pricey $8 sandwiches are $9.  No word on whether this is a winter thing, or permanent. […]

  3. […] Favorite Place to Eat Lunch in Midtown: The pulled pork sandwich from the Daisy May’s BBQ Cart.  I’m heartbroken that I’ll have to walk an extra three blocks in the dead of winter to get it, but it’s a winner.  I wish it came with some decent side dishes though.  The slaw is good, but the other items need slaw too!  When I come back from Daisy May’s, it always attracts a crowd in my office, since I have to sit at my desk and construct the sandwich. […]

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