How many sick days do I have left? It’s a good day for some Ramen…

It’s been over four months since I started this food blog, and in all that time I’ve never once taken a sick day.  So figuring I get 5 sick days a year, pro-rated for a little over half a year (since I started this in June), means I probably have 3 sick days to use between now and the end of the year… so I’m using one today.  I’ve been feeling like crap this week, and there’s nothing better to eat when you’re sick then a big hot bowl of ramen.  Sapporo is good, and Men Kui Tei is great, but my new favorite in Midtown is the Menchanko at Menchenko-Tei (with two locations… one on 45th btw. Lex. & 3rd, and one on 55th btw. 5+6th). 


I went to the one on 45th on Monday, and in my haze of oncoming sickness I forgot my camera… so you’ll have to settle for this crappy picture taken on my phone.  I promise to go back and give you a full +/- (with real pictures) of this great Japanese noodle place.  If you can’t wait… feel free to check either one out for yourself- you definitely won’t be disappointed.  The jury is still out on it’s ability to cure the common cold…


3 Responses to How many sick days do I have left? It’s a good day for some Ramen…

  1. yvo says:

    Love ramen when it’s rainy and cold out! Too bad no places in the Financial District.

  2. yvo says:

    Oh and feel better. I get 10 sick days a year at my workplace btw.

  3. Karen says:

    Yes, feel better. I just interviewed at a place that offers just 24 hrs of sick time. Weird.

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