Minar Indian Restaurant

Midtown Lunch has a new home located at


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8 Responses to Minar Indian Restaurant

  1. Samantha says:

    Oh man, if you like starch-on-starch action, you should totally give Minar’s Masala Dosa a try.

    In my opinion the dosas the *best* thing at Minar, and the masala dosa has curried potatoes with onions as a filling, in the sourdough crepe-like dosa, crunchy on the outside, pleasantly tangy and fluffy on the inside. Delicious.

  2. MLReader says:

    I really like Thursday’s Vegetable special – the Veg Jalfrazie. It has nice spicy kick to it. Also, for 1.95, you can get 2 crispy samosas. Sometimes, when I throw calories and health out the window, I will order samosas as an afternoon snack. I agree about the rice or nan dilemma: which one to choose?

    Love your blog! Eating lunch in midtown is depressing for everyone at my office.

  3. Susan says:

    Love Minar! One complaint: the combo costs more than getting an individual dish. You get the same amount of food, so it makes no sense.

    Here’s how to beat the system: bring two friends with you, and have everyone get his or her own dish. Have two people get rice and one get naan. Share, and be very, very happy.

    My favorite combo: navrattan curry, aloo ghobi and saag paneer. (I don’t eat meat so I can’t vouch for the non-veg options.)

  4. Jian says:

    Gosh you should visit places like Malaysia or Singapore for all the food you yearn for (plus many others you haven’t seen unless you already visited both countries)…
    By the way, pratha in Malaysia is only 60sen (abt 30cents ur currency) and slightly more expensive if you have it in Singapore (depending on area). So in other words, you can practically have pratha for an entire week cheaply…And dosas are not as filling filling as u thought it would be…Naan’s is one of my favourites too but don’t eat it that often…In Malaysia (depending on location), we have it with cucumbers&onions and some gravy (pretty spicy) to go with the bread. We can opt for either garlic naan or plain naan. The outlet I frequent always serves fresh naan bread and roasted tandoori chicken. Probably its always full of customers : )

  5. D says:

    If you want extra heat, Minar always has green chilis at the counter. If you munch on those with your meal, you will have no complaints about the food’s lack of spiciness. Also, the qeema (minced lamb) is excellent.

  6. […] What can I say about this place that hasn’t already been said… Margon is a Midtown institution.  When I started this blog (and wrote about Margon neighbors Minar & Kati Roll) I got tons of emails from people telling me I should go to Margon.  For those who have been there- you know the deal.  For those who haven’t… here’s your introduction. […]

  7. Zzz says:

    I have been a regular at minar (the one on 31st street and also at 46th) for last 5 years. (I love the food and that is the reason i have been a regular all these years) but in the last 6 months i have had two bad experiences both involving a Shrimp curry that they only provide on fridays. Both times I found a fly or some sort of insect in the shrimp curry. Too bad they don’t check the quality of food served.

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