No Soup For Me, Thank You… PLUS the end of the week wrap up

I snapped this photo the other day while walking by the Original Soup Man chain (franchised from the original Soup Nazi on Seinfeld)…

Get it?  If you go to the left you get “No Soup”, because on Seinfeld the Soup Nazi used to yell “No Soup For You!”.  Remember?!?!?!  Hilarious… in a franchising something to capitalize on a sit-com, soul crushing kind of way.  So sad…

A picture of the real Soup Kitchen International- plus the end of the week wrap up… after the jump…

Next week… I’ll +/- Maharaja (or as most people know it… Hurry & Tasty Curry) PLUS a new place where you can get a Sweedish Meatball Sandwich (and it’s not IKEA…).

All next week here on MidtownLunch.  Have a nice weekend…


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