Midtown Lunch’s Fashion Week Guide to Midtown Lunch

Oh how those fashion people love to eat!  Fashion Week is invading Bryant Park all week long, so to be a welcoming neighbor, I’ve decided to recommend some quick and cheap places to eat between fashion shows.  Now admittedly, I know nothing about fashion week, or the people who attend, or about the fashion industry in general… but how much different from you and I could these people possibly be.  I like food.  They must like food (who woudn’t, right?).  I’m a fat man.  They all think they’re fat.

Despite the gigantic tent taking up most of Bryant Park, ‘wichcraft is in fact open to the public.  The sandwich kiosk is just outside the northwest corner of the tent, and the soup and online order pick-up kiosk is just outside the southwest corner of the tent.  This would seem like the obvious choice for a reasonably cheap, and good meal for anybody attending one of the Fashion Week events…  after all ‘wichcraft could be considered the couture of midtown lunch sandwich shops (I don’t even know what that means- but it sounded pretty good right?). 

Because of its location, I’m guessing the lines will be long- and I’m not quite sure if the ‘wichcraft online ordering system works on Sidekicks, so… here’s some suggestions for food that will clearly show how little I know about people who attend fashion week.

The list of suggestions… and the first Midtown Lunch Photo Challenge- after the jump…

  1. The Chicken & Rice Cart (SE Corner of 43rd & 6th).  I don’t think the rice is brown (that’s what models eat, right?), but this place is still good!  Actually, I can’t imagine anybody with any fashion sense eating at this cart… but it’s the best street meat you’ll find in the area.  (Apparently they do have brown rice!)
  2. Fashion Soup(41st btw. 6+B’way).  It’s a no brainer just for the name alone.  Not sure why it’s called that though.  It’s not hip or fashionable in any way (sort of the same way that Dress Barn isn’t really in a Barn.)  Despite the name that makes no sense, the soups are made fresh daily and can be ordered as a combo with a half sandwich, quesadilla or one of their delicious empanadas. (Full review coming tomorrow)
  3. Cafe Duke (41st btw. 6+B’way).  The original location of the “deli” I love on 51st btw. 6+7th.  It’s not as nice, and they don’t have the bulgogi, but the made to order Pad Thai looks pretty good, and their pre-made sushi to go looked fresh.  Plus they’ve got the requisite salad bar, pre made sandwiches, and a buffet by the pound.
  4. Cafe Zaiya or Chiyoda (41st btw. 5+Mad).  These places I think people attending Fashion week will actually like.  For onigiri (rice balls), bento boxes and Japanese pastries, check out Cafe Zaiya.  If it’s too hectic, or you’re looking for a place that specializes more in sushi, there’s always Chiyoda Sushi right next door.

I doubt many of the people attending fashion week events read this blog, and even if they did, I would hope their company expense accounts would save them from eating at one of my cheapo recommendations… but I hope I’m wrong- because I’d kill for a picture of someone carrying a bag of fashion week freebies, eating at the chicken and rice cart.  I know there’s a lot of photographers wandering around Midtown this week- so if you see it, please take a picture and email it to me.  I don’t really have anything to give away, except gratitude- not just from me, but everyone who eats in Midtown… because we all want to be able to say “Our lunches can’t be that disgusting… once I saw a supermodel eating the same thing!”


9 Responses to Midtown Lunch’s Fashion Week Guide to Midtown Lunch

  1. Teenwolf says:

    In Fashion Soup’s defense, it is technically in the Garment District (even though it isn’t on “Fashion Avenue”). I seem to remember them having a good carrot ginger soup.

  2. Adam says:

    I didn’t know that this cart had brown rice, too. This is the cart near the Grace Building “plaza,” right? I used to get the “yellow” — basmati — rice unless they were out. And they were always out. It ran out fast during the lunch rush. Why they never made a larger batch to begin with, I don’t know.

    This cart really is good, but just my two cents here: I think Kwik Meal (SW corner of 45th and Sixth; Midtown Lunch review) is much better.

  3. Sandra says:

    How about that Fashion Soup place?? Think it’s on W. 41st or 40th between 6th and Bway…

  4. Seth G. says:

    Hey Sandra, did you even read the post?

  5. Teenwolf says:

    Yeah, and what about the chicken & rice cart? Gees…

  6. Chris Taylor says:

    Thanks for the heads up on where to eat some great food during Midtown Fashion week, I will be attending this year. I will probably put on 10 pounds after hearing about all the food venders you just recommended.

    – Taylor… Fashion Consultant

  7. […] Continuing our Fashion Week theme, I decided to give the full +/- treatment to a place I discovered on Friday, and mentioned briefly in yesterday’s post.  Walking back to work from taking pictures of ‘wichcraft for my Fashion Week guide to Midtown Lunch, I randomly stumbled upon this weird little soup place- and based on the name alone, and what was going on half a block away in Bryant Park, I figured I had to check it out.  As big and strange as NYC is, it really is a small world.  Coincidentally enough, I ran into a friend of mine from college who I’ve maybe seen twice in the past 7 years, who was picking up lunch in the weird soup place.. so I asked him if it was any good, and on his recommendation I decided to check it out. […]

  8. Sandra says:

    Seth – so sorry!! Geez………

  9. Reportslow says:

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