Um…. It’s an Extended Labor Day

If you are at work yesterday, and were hoping for a post, I’m really sorry.  Not for neglecting to post… just sorry that you had to work.  That sucks.  No review for today either.  Sorry, I’m taking an extra day off after the long weekend.  Back on Wednesday.

In the meantime, please enjoy the voluminous archives!  Start from the very beginning and work your way up, or check out the Index of restaurants (always available as a link from the top bar).

If you’ve already read everything, then consider it an extra day off for you as well! (Although I can’t imagine how anyone would be able to stomach reading my ranting every single day since the beginning).

See you tomorrow.  I’ll +/- Taam Tov and their Green Chicken Fried Rice (or as they call it “Baksh”). 


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