Brown Baggin’ It….

Somtimes it’s so crappy out, you’d rather just stay in and enjoy the simplicities of life at your desk…

THE + (What people who like this would say)

  • I like peanut butter.  I like jelly.  I like bread.  (It’s kind of a no-brainer)

THE – (What people who don’t like this would say)

  • I’m a crazy person

4 Responses to Brown Baggin’ It….

  1. pbj for me says:

    or it’s the day before payday. then pbj is just dandy.

    and on rainy days, i prefer to get the udon served at most delis/cafes. perfect drizzly food.

  2. EJC says:

    Days like today are the only ones where I’m glad I can connect to the Rockefeller Concourse without stepping outside.
    I’m getting sick, and they have that gorgeous Mendy’s matzohball soup downstairs!

  3. bloglily says:

    Hey Mr. Midtown — Nothing wrong with a PBJ day. BL

  4. Mathew says:

    Have you tried Better’n Peanut Butter? I keep a jar of it along with some raspberry jam, honey and Arnold’s Health Nut bread on my desk at all times.

    Check it out:

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