Jiannetto’s Pizza Truck





11 Responses to Jiannetto’s Pizza Truck

  1. pizza for me says:

    glad to discover there’s one in midtown. thought when i left my job near wall street, i left the truck too. will be heading to get my slice of tomato heaven this week. thanks for the post!

  2. grimestown says:

    pizza….from a truck??!? SAYY WHAAAAAAT! i needs to gets me one of deez!

  3. Delicious! says:

    Trying it right now – the pizza is great!

    This article on the web says the cheese is between the tomato and the crust. Maybe that’s where the cheese went?


  4. […] 1.  The guy in the Jiannetto’s Pizza Truckon 47th btw. Park & Madison told me on Tuesday that the truck that used to be on Park and  51st will be returning in the next week and a half.  Look for it next Friday or Monday to be back… no word on the whether the truck that crashed was fixed, or they bought a new one. […]

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  10. Alicia Rubio says:

    Hi My name is Alicia I’m interested in your pizza truck, Do you sell them?? How much?? Waitting for your answer, thanks!!

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