Arang Korean/Sushi Buffet

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8 Responses to Arang Korean/Sushi Buffet

  1. Andrew Paik says:

    heyyy the sushi man that works at Arang is a Sushi Veteran from Japan. and my Uncle only gets the best ingredients for his restaurant. Arang has authentic korean food and yet a twist of new style Sushi. You can also order off the menu which has very good food on it. but no offense to my uncle, my mom makes better korean food yezzir =P

  2. Atari Boy says:

    A number of us from our office eat frequently on 32nd Street and finally tried Arang and were suitably impressed – while I would not go if I was particularly hungry for sushi and sushi alone, I would certainly recommend it for a quick fix of some excellent, mostly light korean. For 10 bucks, it can’t be beat around here.

  3. […] Coolest Koreatown Noodles: Kum Ryong.  Koreatown is about as far south as I will venture for Midtown Lunch (usually to Arang Buffet, Woorjip, or Mandoo Bar), but maybe this place will have to be added to the list. (32nd btw. Broadway & 5th)  VV Link […]

  4. […] I’m a big fan of the buffet.  Not any particular buffet… just buffets in general.  I like the style of eating.  I like the variety.  I like the extent to which I can embarrass myself by eating a ridiculous amount of food.  Chinese would have to be my favorite kind of buffet, because I find it very hard to order just one thing at a Chinese food restaurant.  I’m actually a huge fan of any kind of Asian food in buffet form.  Sushi is not ideal (because of the freshness), but I have found a couple that I enjoy (like the Korean/Sushi buffet Arang, in Koreatown).  Indian buffets are great.  All you can eat Naan is an added bonus… and the only time I will lower my “don’t eat the bread” buffet rule.  […]

  5. blumaroo says:

    A note of caution at A Rang: Don’t order tea. They charge $2 for a cup of tea. Actually, you get a stale green tea bag in a cup of lukewarm water. Normally I don’t order drinks at buffet, but this was a chilly day, and they had kept their door open. But, I did leave feeling disgustingly full!

  6. Barbara says:

    I want to know where all u can eat buffets are in Manhattan, all kinds of food.
    email me at

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    Arang Korean/Sushi Buffet « Midtown Lunch

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