Rangole Indian Buffet

Midtown Lunch has a new home located at


If you are interested in reading about Rangole, you can go directly to this page:



19 Responses to Rangole Indian Buffet

  1. Emma says:

    Curry Dream on 39th at 6th Ave. is better food, plus it’s also 8.95 all you can eat, including nan and dessert.

  2. Emma says:

    Curry Dream is just as cheap, 8,95 all you can eat incl nan and dessert, and has better food imo. It’s on 39th St./6th Ave.

  3. tamasha says:

    Your description of Tandoor Chicken is hilarious and spot on! This place sounds kind of gross, though.

  4. […] I must have walked by this place a million times in the past month and a half since it opened (it’s on the same street as Rangole & Cafe Cello) but I’ve never eaten there.  Take one look, and it’s not hard to figure out why… Look at the sign.  Bright yellow, with some weird semi-chicken looking thing for a logo.  Nothing appealing at all and certainly nothing about it that says, “Hey, there’s good food in here”.  PLUS, there’s my fear of gigantic chickens- especially ones who hand out cooked pieces of themselves for free.  Very strange. […]

  5. jan says:

    For someone visiting nyc, a tourist on a budget, where EXACTLY can I find those better Indian buffets? And do any serve dinner buffet? Please name names!

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