Men Kui Tei

Midtown Lunch has a new home located at

If you are interested in reading about Men Kui Tei, you can go directly to this page:


7 Responses to Men Kui Tei

  1. Scott says:

    I’ve been here and was pretty disappointed. Their spicy broth looks to be nothing more than tabasco (and tastes worse than it looks). The much better (and authentic – I spent some time in Japan) ramen shop in the area is Menchanko-Tei, just around the corner on 55th between Fifth and Sixth.

  2. Janine B. says:

    I had the miso ramen. The roast pork was so tasty . Lot of flavors .. really deelish .. i would suggest it .

    While waiting for my food I saw that EVERYONE that was eating there got the gyoza… it looked AWESOME. Next time i go there I am definetely gonna try it .. will keep you guys posted…..

  3. Seth G. says:

    It reminded me of the little ramen shops I loved at various train stations in Japan. The curry ramen worked wonders on my hangover.

  4. […] If I want Asian Noodle Soups I’ll eat at one of the Japanese ramen bars (like Men Kui Tei, Menchenkotei or Sapporo).  Even Yum Thai is better… […]

  5. riceman says:

    ramen is not the only thing good at menkui-tei. highly recommend the fried rice or the curry rice!

  6. ramenfreak says:

    dude, i love that miso pork ramen, i wish that shop was nearer to my house so i can go there everyday. reminds me of naruto-how he goes to the ramen shop…

  7. claudia bushman

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