Hallo Berlin Cart… Found! Sort of…

Apparently Rolf is in Germany, and has been there for a few weeks… so, now that the World Cup is over, we can hope to expect the Hallo Berlin Cart back soon.  I thought about calling the restaurant again to find out exactly when… but the first call didn’t go so well.  The lady I talked to yesterday thought the cart was there.  I guess her and Rolf aren’t that close…

Thanks to Bryan from MOMA for the tip.  He had a conversation with Rolf about a month ago… not sure the exact date of return- but we’ll try to keep you up to date!

2 Responses to Hallo Berlin Cart… Found! Sort of…

  1. aloke says:

    I think he’s away for a month starting on June 30th… The dates were posted on the cart amongst the pictures of stalin and churchill…

  2. Pedro says:

    I’ve been eating at NY’s Wurst pushcart for years. Rolf rules. Here’s a couple of things I’ve learned. First, Rolf always takes a month off in summer – I’m sure this year he had it coincide with the World Cup as you assumed. That being said, Most Europeans don’t really work in August so it may be a few weeks before he’s back. Second is that the reason why the woman at the restaurant had no clue where he was is because he has very little to do with the restaurants. He’s told me, and I quote, “I never go to the restaurant. I like my cart.”

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