It’s Falafel Week on MidtownLunch…

That’s right… it’s Falafel Week.  I’m guessing I don’t have to explain what a Falafel is… if you work in Midtown I can’t imagine you’ve never tried one.  But nevertheless, if you haven’t- it’s a fried ball of ground up chickpeas (although it can be fava beans as well).  As a sandwich, it usually comes wrapped in Pita bread with tahini (sesame seed paste) or Hummus (chickpea spread) or both.  Often there will be vegetables in the sandwich as well, ranging from lettuce and tomato, to cucumber salad to pickles or cabbage.  It usually depends on the region of the Middle East it is coming from.  Sometimes the balls will be green on the inside, which happens when an herb (usually parsley I think) is added to the ground up chickpeas. Many places will offer a hot sauce as well.

Every Falafel place in the city is different… and there are plenty of them.  So, every day this week I will go to a different Falafel place and write about it- here on  With the help of past experience and the good folks on, I’ve chosen 5 places to go to (one each day).  Since taste can be very subjective, everyone has their favorite place- so I’ll try not to talk about what I think is the best or worst.  I’ll just tell what variation of this delicious treat they’re serving, and you can decide which one sounds best to you.  If you have any other suggestions, feel free to post comments.  Here’s the Plan:  

 Thanks to everyone for their suggestions…



5 Responses to It’s Falafel Week on MidtownLunch…

  1. bigmouth says:

    Here are three more that (imo) are as good or significantly better than the places already on your list:

    Azuri Cafe (51st off 10th Ave)

    Olympic Pita (38th btw 5th and 6th)

    Pick-A-Pita (38th btw 7th and 8th).

  2. Adrian says:

    The best falafel and schwarma in New York City.

    The menu consist all of Middle Eastern specialties. You will find large variety of shish kebabs, succulent shawarma, over 25 different kinds of homemade salads, homemade laffa bread and desserts. The falafel is one of the best you will find and shawarma sandwiches are huge. The Yemenite soup, Pargit (baby chicken) skewer, fried eggplant, falafel balls and laffa bread are all winners.
    They also offer a very good “Olympic Special” for $12.95 every day. You get a main course, two hot side dishes of your choice, salads, hot laffa bread and drink.
    For Manhattan offices, you will be pleased to know that they caters all events up to 50 people and for lunch we have an easy-to-use online ordering menu with free delivery, so you don’t even have to leave your desk.
    Olympic Pita, with great food and wonderful hospitality, has been “The Place to Eat.”
    Again, thank you for choosing Olympic Pita.

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